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Online Jayoda 1308 Result On (24 Oct 2016) 2016.10.24


Day Result Date Draw No Letter No1 No2 No3 No4
Monday  24 Oct 2016  1308  I  13  16  51  57

One comment

  1. Gunapala Ganegama

    This ill be a better chance and an better achievement for the Presidential Candidate Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Warren Join forced to Denounce Trump .
    This will be a great winning for all Women , Students and Men to have more freedom for better Education , Employments opportunities ,Welfare ,Healthcare ,better Economy, to establish the Peace and Harmony , to build friendship with other countries and help for the poorest countries ,and give a better answer for the development of World Environment .

    Luck Lady this will be the Hard work, better organized, explanations for the People what to do and not to do .
    As a Sri Lankan, many friends and relations of mine who are living in USA will give their fullest support and Cooperation to Mrs. Hillary Clinton, to make her the President of USA. Some of my friends have send me Few Stickers for me to distribute among other friends in Sri Lanka . You will be the President from this Election with a over 67 % Votes . Thanks, Gunapala Ganegama .


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